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The farm has installed a dedicated maize flour mill which is compounded with groundnut cake to serve our internal needs. The maize flour mill has the capacity to produce about 17 tons per day to serve our needs and also to be distributed for sale. The farm also produces its feed for the livestock.

Wellman Integrated Farm Limited has a range of livestock ranging from cattle, goats, ducks, geese, chickens, turkeys to ostriches. A well preserved area, large enough for the animals to roam freely and fill the natural effects of nature. The animals are kept away from the ponds and are situated in an area away from all the mills.

Wellman farms produces its own feeds which are well enough for consumption and storage.

Wellman Integrated Farm Limited has over 35 existing ponds, naturally created and designed to give the fishes a natural home environment. Each pond contains about 10,000 fishes, all groomed in the farms, with well enough feeds being produced in the farm where the fishes are feed regularly for proper growth.

All our fishes are groomed at the farm. The fingerlings are harvested and grown in the farm, where which they are matured, are transferred to bigger ponds. The farm has the capacity of about 15,000 fingerlings in the hatchery unit waiting to be transferred to bigger ponds.

As a result of our increase in fish farming, with a great number of various species of catfish, Wellman farms has installed a dedicated fish feed mill with the capacity to produce enough fish feed for our internal use and enough to sell to other fish farmers. The fish feed mill has the right ingredient mixture for normal growth in the fish. A constant production of fish feed provides great availability of the products.

Wellman Integrated Farm Limited is well equipped with a dedicated groundnut oil and soya bean oil mill with the capacity to produce 30 tons per day. The groundnut oil and soya bean oil are well refined in our installed oil refinery which makes it suitable for human consumption as it is not affected by the weather during storage.